Go Casino

go casino

Our readers would remember the name Go Casino, the one that was powered by Playtech Software-well, the review that follows is not of the old casino, the Go Casino is totally new, the other casino that you remember used exactly the same name, which is why many people now call this as the New Go Casino.

Usually, we personally don't prefer reviewing the brand new casinos that keep getting launched; because my experience is witness to the fact that many casinos that keep coming up end up being big failures, and only a few survive in the long run. From software issues to the lack of variety of games offered, there are quite a few number of very common problems from which these new casinos suffer. Go Casino, on the other hand, seems pretty convincing that it will be quite popular and turn out to be a success.

We will tell you why we say all this-the reason behind my confidence and positive attitude is that Go Casino belongs to the sister family of casinos of Golden Casino and Online Vegas, which in turn belong to the Golden Palace Casino group. These casinos that we just mentioned are two extremely reputed and famous casinos preferred by a majority of American players.

The software platform

It is once again a widely acclaimed company called the Vegas Technology which provides brilliant quality gaming software solutions, which powers the Go Casino. We believe that the because of the increase in revenue of the Vegas Technology, there has been a tremendous improvement in the gaming technology, which is perhaps also the reason why they have been renovating their other casinos and bringing up the quality of technology to a remarkably superb level.

Welcome Bonuses

When you start exploring the Go Casino homepage, you will realize to your utter amazement that they have a humongous variety of welcome bonuses, some of the up to $20,000.

If the value of your first deposit lies between $25 to $1000, then you will be rewarded with a 100 percent bonus. But don't get too enticed-since nothing really comes without a cost. Accepting the welcome bonus you also accept that there are certain wagering conditions-so everything is not so pink and rosy.

Downloading the software

When you are Downloading the software of the Go Casino, it is very simple and easy since the file is of size only 3.09 MB. We faced some technical problems and decided to do a test-trial of the customer support, and were pleased to know that they indeed do what they claim, which is to say, respond quickly.