Loose Slots Strategy

Also, you must know that the term "loose machine", is in itself, very "loosely" used! A slot player from Atlantic City would definitely call a machine which is paying 95 per cent a "loose" machine because the average there is around 90 percent-but if a player from Las Vegas came, where the average is 97 per cent would not agree with the slot player from Atlantic City.

What is really a 'loose machine'?

women losing in slotmachine

Foremost, it's important to know what machine can actually be called as 'loose'. A machine is a 'loose machine' which pays back more than the average, as compared to the other machines.

  1. There are tight machines around a loose machine.

    The logic goes like this: a player usually likes to play at multiple machines at the same time-and this way, if a player is making a lot of money from a lose machine, he would eventually end up returning the profit to a tight machine-which is what the casino want.

  2. There are always loose machines located near the entrance

    This is one most common and widely believe myth. It is not hard to understand how this myth would have emerged and spread. You see players near the entrance of the casino winning-and you get lured into the casino and playing yourself-so you concluded that the machines at the entrance must be loose!

  3. Go to the end of the row for the Loose Machines

    This is quite similar to the previous machine-you will be attracted to go down the row when you see

  4. Near the showroom and buffet: The machines are tight here!

    This is once again not true-but this also has a considerable degree of logic to it. Near the buffet or the showroom people are often accumulated, either waiting in the queue or just hanging out, so if they find machines there, they would often be enticed to play a coin or two. So these machines can't be loose!

  5. Machines situated around the area of the casino cage are mostly loose

    When you are waiting for your turn and you see people winning, gambling becomes irresistible! That sums it up!

  6. Be smart; be sensible!

Well, to be honest and frank, it is quite less likely that you will find a loose machine in a casino, of course unless you are ready to try out a hugely great number of slots and are really desperate to find a loose machine. So, it makes more sense to win at a machine that is not really 'loose', rather than go through a losing session on a machine that pays back more than the average!