One Play Strategy

The experts will continue to think about whether there is actually a strategy which can overcome the fact that you are always at a disadvantage, and the house is higher odds always. Well, one such strategy which is quite popular is called "One Play".

One Play: Understand the Strategy

If you are even hearing the name of this strategy for the first time, then also you needn't worry-since you are just like the majority of the players. So what is this strategy, and how do you follow it?

When you win:

Strategy of one play

In One Play, whenever you bet, you bet the maximum allowed coins. In case you win, you do this again. Precisely speaking, you bet the same money that the machine has paid out on your winning spin. In case you run out of this profit, you should shift to another machine which you think can be lucky for you, and repeat the same.

When you lose:

And what about the time when you lose your bet? Well, you do a similar thing: you shift to a different machine that then try out again the same initial bet that you lost just previously. So this way, you try out the machines as you lose, so that you can find one where your bet wins. The principle works-because it is based on the logic that some machines are always 'hot' or lucky for you, and you don't get stuck at only one particular machine by trying it again and again and constantly losing all the money that you have brought.

However, we also give you the real deal-this strategy is not actually, when the chips are down, different or marked apart from the rest. But we still strongly recommend this to you because you can try this for an amazing change, break your old boring habitual way of playing, and enjoy, because that is what you want in the end, isn't it? -fun!!