Slots types and their odds

Although some gamblers state that they look just for entertainment and fun while playing online slots games, we doubt very much that they would not be happy in case of winning a decent amount of slot jackpot.

Generally, slots are regarded to be the game of chance, which means that players are not able to influence their winning possibilities a lot, but at the same time it is also commonly agreed there is still place for gamblers' knowledge application about basics of online slots and their rules while playing in such way that clever and experienced players would have more chances to hit the jackpot.

What do slots odds mean for you?

slot reel

First of all, you need to check the house odds, which are provided individually for each slot apparatus and could differ significantly within different kinds of slots.

Usually, slots odds are represented in a form of slots rate of payout, which could vary from 92% in some casinos, which do not need to allure more gamblers or have no competitors, and up to 97%-98% in casinos that are located in highly competitive areas like Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or Atlantic City.

There is a common misunderstanding concerning the meaning of payout rate indices when gamblers consider that 95% mentioned in pay table means that they would be winners in 95 cases of 100 (sounds great, does it?), but in reality according to slots rules it means that 98% of all money inserted in certain slot machine is used for future payouts while 2% of them remains inside it and serve actually for casino's profit.

Factors that influence on slots odds

All the tips that state there are sure methods how to beat slot machines permanently and change online slots game odds seem to be preposterous and absurd as the size of house edge is defined by the Random Number Generator (RNG), which is hidden inside each slot apparatus.

This device generates series of random numbers, according to which different slot symbol combinations appear on the reels and there is no other way to influence on RNG performance except physical interruption.

Anyway, although players are not able to change slots odds, they are free to choose among various payout rates that are provided by different slot machines.

Commonly, slots that offer progressive jackpot has higher house odds and the value of credits for such machines is usually higher as they could reward you with a very large winnings, so this could be simply interpreted as a price for opportunity to win several thousands of dollars at once.

The choice is completely up to players and they should access their bankroll size and risk aversion properly before starting to gamble such kind of online slots games.