Popular and proved slot strategies


Slots game is designed so that gamblers should not make a lot of efforts to play or apply different sophisticated tactics that propose winning on the continuing basis, but it would be much better for all gamblers to learn some methods how to beat the slot machines.

Anyway, you should always keep in mind that all so-called SURE winning slots methods do not exist and the best confirmation for this fact is that online slots game is a kind of classical casino play of chance, which, however, does not mean that there is no strategy to play in such way that you would be satisfied with the final result.

There are mainly three kinds of commonly accepted and widely used slot machines strategies, which would provide you with practical tips how to beat the slot machines.

One play strategy

One play strategy could be really useful in case you possess a sufficiently large bankroll to spend for its implementation.

The sense is that players need to make a bet of maximum coins on any slot machine and in case of winning they continue gambling on the same apparatus using the coins they have just won.

In case of losing for the first spin gamblers need to move to another slot machine and apply the same tactics as described abovehead.

In such way players could determine so-called 'cold' slot machines quickly and would not waste their bankroll playing on them.

Bankroll management strategy

Generally speaking, bankroll management is not a pure slots game strategy as it is applicable for all gambling games.

The sense of bankroll management tactics is that players should track all their losses and winnings carefully in order not to exceed the critical amount and go bankrupt.

Loose slots strategy

Loose slots strategy is very similar to one play strategy as it also implies searches for slot machines that could provide players with high payoffs.

The sense is that gamblers need to look for such slot apparatus that are associated with the highest rate of payout, which is explained that the larger payoff percentage is, the more chances players would have to get their reward.

There is an opinion that loose slots are usually located near casinos entrance or in other places that are highly visible. The reasoning is that gamblers could observe such machines and players who win on them easily, so they would think that the casino offers favorable conditions of gambling and therefore, would like to play in this particular casino.