Slots Rules

Slot machines essentially look the same. Every slot machine has two aspects: the first is the name and the second is the payout table. Every slot machine will always have these two features. So what does the payout table contain?

Well the payout table, briefly speaking, gives you all the information you need for the winning combinations, and how much you will get on each combination.

What are reels now? Well the reels are those features which spin upon pulling of the lever. You will see that in most of the machines, the number of reels is between three and five. You would have heard the term "pay line", and wondered-what's that? Pay line is that line which you see is running in the middle of the reels-and here is where you get the symbols aligned.

The three buttons

three buttons slots

The lever is typically located at the right, and you pull it so that the reels are spun. Of course, the online casino slot machine would not have lever, since you would mostly encounter what is called as a "spin button" which you click to generate random combinations.

One of the three buttons has now been explained to you. The remaining two buttons have a different purpose. They take care of how much you are betting. If you carefully look at the pay table, you will usually see three or four columns, these columns correspond to your bet size (the first column for one coin, the second column for the bet of two coins and so on). Also, remember to note that your payout depends and increases with your bet size.

Also, we would caution you before misinterpret the meaning of the term 'coin'.

More Complicated Machines

You will also encounter many other complicated machines. For instance, there are machines where you can use up to 25 pay lines, and use them to win more. But remember that the amount of money that you risk is also higher in this case. One essential feature that runs through the thread of complex machines is the bonus games 'offers! Based on the dual purpose of increasing your win as well as to make your time more enjoyable, these bonus games require more attention on the part of the player.

The Best Form of Gambling

Well, yes, one could say that slots are one of the best ways to gamble. You know, deep inside, the house is at a greater advantage, and that you absolutely require no skill at all for playing the slot (anybody can pull the lever!)-yet slots are immensely popular! So the main point is to have fun! With these basics, you are equipped and ready to play your first slot game!

Good luck!